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Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needleworks, the Yarn and Fiber Shop in Historic Downtown Elizabethtown KY, has become the focus of the activities of All One Farms. The Farm, itself is still where the Sheep are raised, Gardens are kept and large dyeing and processing takes place. We continue to live simply, still seek to be self sustaining and remain conscious of our role in the universe. Every day is an adventure and it doesn't always take me where I plan. Come journey with me and share my experiences as I continue evolving my dream. Email me at luna.headhearthands@gmail.com.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Felted Holiday Trees to Brighten the Gray Days

The gray days of late Autumn are here.  Moving to the darkest night, it is our tendency to add our own brightness to the universe.  I've been craving colors. The brighter the better. And lush softness.  What could be better than to create that color, and soft lushness into the iconic shape of the evergreen. And so I offer these Felted Trees.  I started making these about 2 weeks ago and they seem to fly out the door as soon as they are seen.  Here are a few more:

The three above are about 8 inches tall and about 4 1/2 inches at the base. These are $15 each.  The smaller ones below 
are about 6 inches tall and 3 inches at the base.  These are selling for $9.00 each.  Each tree is a one of a kind piece.  They are made on a base of Shetland wool from my big Ram Lincoln. Over this I have needlefelted Cotswold locks that have been individually dyed in various greens and blues with some golds and reds.  The individual locks are hand blended to create depth of color such as might be seen reflecting off a hillside of evergreens at sunset at this time of year.  I will keep making these for awhile and will have some at this weekends ArtWalk in Elizabethtown.  If you would like me to hold one or two or three for you to see there, let me know by this Thursday.  I will be delivering 4 to Greensburg, so if you are in that area, let me know right away.  They may also be ordered for delivery after the Winter Holidays, as well.

Knitting with Handspun
Every once in a while I am asked what can be done with a small skein of handspun yarn.  I also was wanting to knit a hat that fits me, keeps my head warm and dry (and my hair from frizzin'!)  Since I've amassed quite a stash of small skeins spindle spun handspun and the perfect project came up in the most recent issue of SpinOff, the time is right to practice what I preach.  Here is the Tahoe Hat I knit this past week.  It was so easy, that I, with my very limited and basic knitting skills, finished it in a few sittings.

I used a black brown worsted weight slightly thick and thin as the unifyer to separate the various colors that stripe around the brim and top.  You can see that some are very bulky and thick and some a smaller guage.  I even threw some light laceweights in there that I doubled to create even more interesting combinations.  And I reached my goal of finishing and wearing it Saturday afternoon.  It kept the dreary drizzle off my painstakingly flat ironed hair and made me feel quite the artista! 

Some of these yarns went into the hat. I'm planning another one.  I love it so much and had fun playing with the colors.  Much much more at the home studio and at the booth this weekend in E town.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Old Towne Revival

I live near the wonderful old town of Elizabeth KY, full of historic old buildings each with its own wondrous past.  In recent times it has been a bit quiet down in the old town square.  Many business and shops have moved out to the many newly developed highway malls all around. BUT, there is movement afoot to revive the energy that once thrived here.  Driven by the Renaissance of the Grand old State Theatre (historicstatetheater.org/) and the efforts of the Heritage Council, this year there is a wonderful ArtWalk bringing those lights and sounds of the holiday back to the square.  The once empty shop windows have been transformed by local business  Inside, the shops have been turned into Galleries featuring fine, graphic and folk artists from all around the state. Find more details here.

Wool Comes to Town:

I have been having a great time participating in the Elizabethtown "Old Towne" Artwalk. The new venue prompted the inspiration  to get back to doing some serious felting:

 such as this Art Doll called 'The Singer',

and some bold new Art Yarns like this plush hand dyed thick and thin plied with gold and dark green threads, felted balls and yes, tiny hand knit socks:

and this huge skein of core spun multi colored hand dyed locks called 'Holiday Lights'

There will be more of my handspuns every week as I get them off the wheels and prepped and felted pieces as inspiration hits.

For more fun and variety, I have invited fellow fiber artist Stephanie of  LunabudKnits to join me.  A beautiful selection of her hand dyed yarns will also be found in my shop space including some she whipped up with some of my fibers.  The girl is multi talented indeed. Follow the link above to check out her blog and Etsy shop and

learn more about her wonderful fiber arts and her visit to AllOneFarms recently.  She will be visiting the ArtWalk again next weekend and we just might put some combined "luna power" to spin up some new yarns or felted creations to add to the shop.

It has been a fun event with a variety of activities that began with the Thanksgiving Day Parade and continues every weekend (5 to 8 pm) evening through December 19. In addition to the programs at the State Theatre, which include screenings of vintage Holiday Classics such as "Miracle on 34th Street" this weekend, there is always live music and variety of quality vendors and artisans.  Last week a Harpist and Singer sat by my door and crooned to passers by while the vintage train ran between the Theatre and Santa Land. A couple of doors down at another huge Gallery Space the Dulcimer concert drew a nice crowd. Come down and check it all out and be sure to stop in to say 'hi' to me.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The view from here.....

It is November 1 and undeniably Fall.  The rainy spring and summer has created a most spectacular display this year in Kentucky to rival any I've seen in my life in the North East.  Whatever season I'm in is my favorite, I admit. The lovely Earth as she changes her costume through the wheel of the year is a reminder to stop and take notice, to breathe and reflect on the joys and blessings in my life here at All One Farms. 

Soon after their Fall shearing next weeek, they will be selectively bred and carry their new lambs till the spring .

As the business of Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needleworks continues to grow, the farm has changed and developed as well.

The house renovation took a big leap a few weeks ago with the painting of the living room. I finally found a color that I didn't get tired of before it got onto the new walls. 

and does double duty as the shop till the cottage is done.


As the house is more and more finished, I've been able to host a number of Spin Ins and Knit Ins as well as GurlFrenz Craft Gatherings with local friends.

One guest room is now ready and served as accommodations for visting Spinning Teacher, Jacey Boggs (www. Insubordiknit.com) during an early Fall Workshop which I had the honor to fascilitate at our local Extension Office. 

and relax during down time
and share good food and good company in the cozy kitchen, comfy porch and sunny side yard.

Finally, since today is Dia de Los Muertos, I remember and honor my Mami, who passed away this Summer after a long illness. Her gifts to me include personal strength, perseverence and steadfastness in your goals, creative energy, and a love of beauty.  Blessed be.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Southern Indiana Fiber Fest

What a great time I had at SIFF!  So many good friends, both vendors and from my knitting and spinning groups were there.  I was also excited to meet a few new people that live right around my home base that I never knew about!

It started out cold and rainy on Friday but got a little better through Saturday.  The crowds were good and i was happy to be in an indoor space so that everyone (including me!) could be comfortable while gazing and shopping.  And the shopping was great!  So many great fiber artists of every kind were there.  There is so much talent and everyone had their own 'twist" on fiber.  this small regional fest is a little gold mine for the spinner, knitter, crocheter, felter and weaver.  Even small farmers found great opportunities for starting or adding to their herd with icelandic lambs, angora kid goats and lots and lots of lovely angora rabbits.

I am so grateful to all the people who dropped into my booth and made the show such a sucess for me.  My only regret is that I did not think to get a bigger booth that would have allowed more people in to shop at a time.  If you were not able to get in, I thank you anyway and hope that you will stop by my ArtFire shop or email me directly if there is something you missed out on.  I am extending my 10% offer on fiber purchases over $25 through November, with or without the coupon since it will take me a little while to restock the photos on there.  And of course if you are in the area, please do email me and stop on by. I loved meeting you all and talking and getting to know you!   More photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/blueballmountainspindleneedleworks/

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wool Santa Table Toppers

I made two new wooly Santa Table Topprs for this year.  I love how these came out.  They are bigger than last year and I've given more detail to the eyes and face.  Each has a different whimsical expression and seem to twinkle.  This cheery guy is almost 11 inches tall and will be priced at $55. His red cousin below is a bit smaller and will be $45.  They will be for sale at the Southern Indiana FiberFest.  I will be making a few more and will add them tot he ArtFire shop later.

This year I will also be making these to order.  They can be made a bit smaller at a lower price.  Please feel free to email me direcctly. PayPal Invoicing is available.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heading for Southern Indiana Fiber Fest!

Hot on the heels of the wonderful Insubordiknit Workshop and the wildly successful Kentucky WoolFest, I am  now gearing up for SIFF starting on October 16 at 1:00pm.  This is my favorite fiber fest and my first time setting up there so I am excited.  the last few months have been transformative for my little enterprise  and I feel that I have reached a very nice mix to present to the spinners and knitters out there who love color and texture and creating it as much as I do.

I will have many more of my Luna Loca batts which have so quickly becomom popular and are so much fun to create.  They are full of fun and love.  I've also been putting together my Little Luny Bags of clouds, dyed locks and glitz  to add to your own batt carding experience.  And I just love how my Shetland roving batts have turned out.  These are in all the natural colors of my lovely Shetland and also I have personally dyed and mixed some of them with super soft cormo, yummy romney and luxurious kid mohair and alpaca.  Also stocked up are about 50 gorgeous colors of super soft Merino and Corriedele top for felting and spinning or blending with your carder.

Speaking of carders......I again have the Ashford line of carders including the larger fine cloth 72 pt carder and the cute Wild Carder just introduced.  Hand cards, flickers and all manner of small tools are also here.  Plus the new Ashford bulky flyers and bobbins and the new sliding flyers in standard and bulky.  Also drp spindle kits, Niddy noddys, tahklis, extra drive bands and maintenance supplies for your Ashford wheels.  Featured at SIFF will be the beautiful Traveler and the adorable portable Joy and Carrying case as well as my custom dyed green Country Spinner for you to try out. 

For the dyer in you, in addition to supersoft ecru Merino Top,  I will have Panda Top (Merino, Tencel, Nylon blend), SuperWash Merino, Merino Tencel Blend, and pure lovely Tussah Silk available by the ounce!

For the knitter and crafter, I will again have a group of my Funky Handspun Yarns. Use them to add to your knitting projects for a little extra ooomph! here and there.  Also will have some more traditional natural Shetland yarns.   

Come on out.  Ther is something for all your fiber cravings.  Look for my booth in the 4H building.  Mention my blog or Artfire shop (on vacation right now) and receive 10% of on fiber purchase over $25.00.....Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little by Little: Luna Loca Batts in the ArtFire Shop

Little by Little I am adding more to the the ArtFire Shop.  It is a bit time consuming making it, preparing each one by washing and setting it first, then weighing, pricing, naming it to reflect it's uniqueness and photographing it just so.  The photos never fully capture the essense of fiber. Fiber by nature is tactile as well as visual.  The two senses work together to communicate the life of the fiber.  Here's one that I've had a hard time with conveying its beauty.  I've photographed it at least 15 times.  Can you see the sparkly Tropical Firestar in there?  There is the beautiful tomato color of the Merino created by blending several reds and oranges with a bit of yellow.  There is the wonderful hand dyed Sunny Yellow Silk Noil nubbies.  But I can't see the sparkle of the Firestar.  Firestar itself is a blend of a multitude of colors.  It's all blended through the Merino by the carding process.  In Person it is vibrant and unmistakeable.  But not in the photo.  It is in the shop, nevertheless.  I will continue taking pictures of it to capture that little essense.  Can you see it? Let me know!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Luna Loca Batts

It's true...you have to be a little bit of a Luna-tique to be doing this. So this past week was the full moon....inspiration! I love Crazy Batts and there are so many beautiful ones out there. I have been making some for my own use for awhile now .... experimenting to see what yarns come out of them. This one I decided I want to share with the world. It is calling itself Ai! Caramba! and is the first of more to come under the heading of Luna Loca Batts. I'd love to get some feed back on this one.  Check out more pics and pricing by going to the Art Fire shop from the right column.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


DSCN0469, originally uploaded by LunaTheFarmLady.

Love the colors on this blend of Romney and Merino. I overdyed the brown Romney with a bright Sunny Yellow then blended Grassy Green and Pumkin Orange . These are each about 3 oz or so and there are 6 available.

Handspun Yarns

DSCN0471, originally uploaded by LunaTheFarmLady.

Some recent yarns waiting to be washed and set and added to the Art Fire Shop.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Business Side of the Wool Business

It's incredible how much time it takes to build a website. I've spent countless hours this month searching and checking out web software, trying it out and then sendin it back. I finally found a software package that i think will work. Got the layout worked out and I am liking it so far. Now comes sorting through the the IPhoto libarary, transferring it all to Photoshop (which is on my new [red!] business only PC). The sorting alone is taking me days to complete. Of course I am looking for the perfect photos to add to the web page. Next I'll be taking photos of all the gorgeous fiber that is arriving every day it seems.

Do I have time to spin? No. I squeeze in a little knitting while downloading, maybe a little drop spindling. I miss my wheels. I am surrounded by fiber but yet haven't made a real yarn in weeks.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fiber, Fiber, Fiber! In Stock! No waiting!

Does your breath catch at the thought of fiber goodness? Filled with color and lushness, warmth, sheen and beauty? Well, fiber addicts, here is your fix!

Now available for you is the full line of

ASHLAND BAY MERINO TOP in over 50 colors and blends!

If you love fiber you know that there are few things more gorgeous than fine merino top alone and blended with SILK, BAMBOO, AND TENCIL and its all here available also in SUPERWASH and in special sock and lace blends some containing nylon for the discerning sock yarn knitters out there. And if you like to dye your own, all manner of ecru blanks are here for you too. I've selected a nice rounded group of blank yarns in several weights and plys and fiber blends to thrill and tempt your creative juices.

And yet there is more! Every week will bring more temptation: As i get my inventory system set up, i will be ordering more and more from various sources both large and small. Things will change regularly.

And did I mention price? The prices will be amazingly affordable. It is my goal to make your addiction possible by bringing you the best that I can find at the best prices that I can negotiate from the suppliers. I have and will be seeking arrangements with smaller suppliers of wool and yarns that are unique and local. I intend to be not only competitive but superior in setting price points that cannot be beaten for the highest quality available.

Hear Ye! HEAR YE! Open for Business!

Over the last several months I have been busy doing the background work to open Blueball Mountan Spindle and Needleworks formally to the world. The front room of the farm house is ready and hours set. The cottage which will be used for lessons and as my personal studio are almost done. I have researched many suppliers of wool products and equipment to add to my own hand raised Shetland fleeces, rovings and handspun yarns.

I have decided to start by carrying the fiber equipment that I know and love the most. Ashford and Schacht Wheels and Looms and Carders and all manner of accessories for the new and serious fiber workers among us. Models of the complete line of Ashford products are set up and on display. The Traveler, Joy, and Country Spinner are on the floor and a replacement Traditional (sold the first one in one day) is on the way along with a rigid heddle loom and stand, drum and hand carders, a gorgeous charka, various drop spindles and takli turkish spindle. Of course, Ashford's full line of looms and fiber are also available and will be on display as space permits.

And there's more! The Schacht floor models will be here soon! More on those soon. I am also looking into dealer arrangements with several other major wheel and loom supplier's so stay tuned for updates as deals are finalized.

Next up: Fiber! Fiber! and more Fiber!

Life is Good

Well, here I am. It feels lie a long time since I've checked in here. it has been a very busy year so far. After a year an a half my legal battle with my ex has come to settlement and have returned to a place of peace in my life. It has been quite a journey to where I am now. As many of you know, I left a very comfortable NJ suburban life to live my dream life on the farm. My goal of living sustainably through what I can produce and is ever closeer as i begin the fiber business in earnest...beginning NOW. I am thankful to friends and family who stood by me and those new friends who have sustained me along the way. Thank you especially to dear sweet Alan who is The Best Man on Earth and to my sons, Will and David, who are my greatest and dearest creation. I am so proud of them and who they are becoming. Their love and support has been a blessing.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Event at Greencastle

After some delays due to travelling to NJ (again and again), things are starting to come together.

The 4oz drum carded blended batts are tied into bundles with a pretty brown ribbon and stacked in my big green vintage basket. More of these are coming in lots of colorways. I will be adding silk noil, angora, angelina, bamboo and mohair to a variety of natural Shetland colors and other base fibers as I get them in.

Two groups of roving so far have been labelled and sorted by colorway. Jewel toned Shetland is a contemporary color group

and Country Colors Shetland is a more muted colorway. The darker natural colors overdyed with diluted dyes creates a soft, more natural effect. I did use acid dyes on these using vinegar only.

I've also started experimenting with hand painting on the roving to create a range of color patterns that seems endless. This group is my own Shetland roving, acid dyed in random color patterns.

This week I will be hand painting merino top in long blended repeats and continuing experimenting with creating more artisan yarns from my Shetland and othr fibers. I am just having a blast here and hope that all y'all will come to Greencastle on April 10 and 11 to see it all. There will be so many other great fiber related vendors as well as workshops.
Check out the website for all the details at: http://www.thefiberevent.com/

Next time: More yarns both handspun and hand painted.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's been happening?

It has been a busy time time here at the homestead. I have been dyeing and dyeing and carding and carding and spinning and spinning and then plying and plying....all in prep for a show coming up April 9: The Fiber Event at Greencastle Indiana. This will be our first 'major' fiber show. The KY one last year was mini mini compared to this one. This one is still much smaller than the Maryland show and other bigger ones around the country but it is a well know regional show. So we want to make a good showing the first time out.

I've been loving working with the dyes on the different stages of the fiber. The roving I had done at Brigittes fiber mill and then my own hand scoured locks as well as some combed tops I had in stash are all fun to experiment on. Each provides a basis for a different way of incorporating color into my naturally colored Shetland. I am loving the variety of results. Next comes experiments with plying and new spinning techniques I'm picking up from the awesome yarn designers on Ravelry. Thos pics will have to wait another day or two.

I've also been doing a little felting bunnies and eggs and birds. I alsopick up a needlefelting attachment for one of my sewing machines which is pretty neat. That got installed today and played a little with that. This new toy will make it easier to put together some felting ideas I've been working on that include material other than wool that is a little hard to get in place without the machine.

This coming week I will be spending more time dyeing and preparing fiber bats and continuing building up the handspun yarn inventory.

Next time: What's happening with the "Shop Opening" and "Annie's Project" "Spring Garden Prep" !!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Frost King Has Arrived in Kentucky

It has been the coldest and most unusual winter inover 50 years according to my neighbors. This week's ice storm has covered virtually the entire state and certainly all of Hardin County in a coat of ice that has literally frozen the world in time. I am forced to rely on reports from afar as, alas I am still in NJ. Where the cold and snow is nothing compared to what I here about what's is going on at the farm. I am left to imagine my stately 200 year old trees broken and crippled by the weight of the ice on their outstretched limbs. Thankfully, my sheepies are safe and enjoying the cold, as per the report. I am not there to see and while I know that they are primitive animals evolved to live in the harsh winters of the Shetland islands, still I worry. Are there shelter's holding up? Is there water trough unfrozen? Are they lonely for the reassuring visits from their human caretaker?

How are all my friends and colleagues doing? I think about you all and hope that you either have a back up generator or a friend or family member with one. I wish that I was ther to share my warmth with you. You are all in my prayers.

Thankfully, the heat int the house is propane and not affected by the lack of electricity, so my water pipes are ok. I hear that there is no water, though. Right now, I am in my NJ home. Snug and warm. I have power but no communication outward other than my cell phone. I am now at the library trying to communicate to the world I left behind and feel so disconnected from. I have not been able to get through directly to so many friends but in my heart I know that they are doing ok. Kentucky pulls together. I wish that I was there with y'all. Stay warm with each other.

Monday, January 19, 2009

So far this year.....

has been going along pretty well. I've vowed to get my business off the ground. I am here because it was time to finally live my life in the way that honors my own spirit....to fllow my bliss as they say. I made the move to sheep keeping and farming in mid 20007 but then got sidetracked (de railed?) in 2008. Despite having to leave for weeks at a time at least 6 times in 2008, I feel I have made progress. I am holding on to the dream. I am developing my skills and learning how to promote my business through the wonderful power of the internet. A godsend to one who is basically shy and laid back. In the last few weeks I have investigated the wonderful resources available to fiber fanatics both producers and transformers. I have been quietly observing the wonderful work of sooo many talented women and men through Ravelry and Flickr and learning from their examples. Stay tuned for a progress report...picturers included. Here's just one.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


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