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Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needleworks, the Yarn and Fiber Shop in Historic Downtown Elizabethtown KY, has become the focus of the activities of All One Farms. The Farm, itself is still where the Sheep are raised, Gardens are kept and large dyeing and processing takes place. We continue to live simply, still seek to be self sustaining and remain conscious of our role in the universe. Every day is an adventure and it doesn't always take me where I plan. Come journey with me and share my experiences as I continue evolving my dream. Email me at luna.headhearthands@gmail.com.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Barn Loom

I finally got over to Fuzzarelly to pickup the barn loom she offered for free! It is an amazing thing. Each beam and post (?) is thick and heavy and hand hewn. I don't know it's history but it speaks to me. I also borrowed a copy of Foxfire showing a layout to help put it together. Can't wait to get it set up.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Working in Wool

In between a few other things (!!!) I have been experimenting with the wool. I made a little pile of rams from natural colored shetland roving. They are for sale through Kathy Sugarbucket (check her out on Picture Trail) or directly through me. They are about 6 inches from head to tail and about 5 inches tall. Each is different and modeled on one of my sheep. I also have ewes and lambs and crows. Pictures forthcoming. Let me know what you think!

Last of the Summer Harvest

The first harvest of All One Farms is over. It was more a learning experience than profitable but I loved tending the gardens. All in all we had various potatoes, onions, 2 lettuces and 3 different greens, tons of beets, carrots, 2 kinds of radishes, beans, beans beans and 6 different kinds of tomatoes. We had 110 tomato plants alone. We sold at two farmers markets and mets tons of wonderful folks who shared knowledge and offered encouragement and inspiration. I learned to can and creatively use what else: tomatoes! Nest year will be different. I think we will specialize a little more and try different markets.

Here is one of the beautiful dishes we made with our yellow stripey tomatoes and italian basil and a pic of Jake, one of our eager voluneers. He helped build barn doors, sheep fencing and of course, picked tomatos. Thanks Jake. I loved having students here, two of whom were my sons. I would love to do more with teenagers from the cities here on the farm. Another project for next year. As for this year, the late garden was planted in mid August, but alas no rain has made it slow growing. I'm not giving up yet. Planted are gourds and a variety of pumkins as well as a fw other cool weather crops. Pray for rain.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dancing to the Rigbys

at Smith-Berry Winery with my guy, Alan. (It was late although no excuse for that ARM!

I got a new kitty!

Well, I guess I need more pets! This little guy, the one with the fur, followed me around meowing and staring up at me the entire time I was visiting friend Kathy....what could I do? The baby was Hungree! My Goldy, feline protector of the flock and homestead was none too happy. She'd already been having trouble with another cat that took up residence in the barn. We'll see what happens but Goldy the Queen does not take kindly to other cats..... Oh, the other fuzzy guy is my buddy Glenn. Those too hit it off right away.

Off to College for the Boys!

I've been kinda scarce here lately. Always running. Who says you rest when you retire? I think I'll plug in a few pics here and there from the last 2 or 3 weeks. Always sumpthin' happnin! I am blessed by friends local and cyberspace who have carried me through. First my boys both went off to different colleges.

That's David with his new roommate at Carnegie Mellon looking all grown up and independent!

Will is off to Univesity of Western Maine to study Forestry. Lea, his sweetie will be continuing her Art studies near by. They are such a sweet, loving couple.


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