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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The DoneIt List--An Alternative for the Person Who Hates ToDo Lists

I've started making lists again.  For a good while now I've avoided the kind of life where lists are necessary.  My past experience with lists has been that they are usually about have to's and obligations.  When I gave up the outside work, the career, I stopped making lists because I had no one to answer to anymore.  That was the way I wanted it.  Just free wheel through life doing what presented itself in the moment.  Interestingly, my list-less life has now lead me to where lists have again become the framework for what I do and the outline of what has been accomplished.  The dreaded ToDo list has morphed into the DoneIt list.  It's satisfying.  Clears my mind and readies it for the What is to Come list. And it doesn't have to be composed every day.  Here's my DoneIt list for the last two weeks or so:

1.  Took scad of random photos around the wool room and cottage of fibers waiting to be processed for possible WebSite Banner.
2.  Explored and experimented more with iWeb and iWork to improve my business operation.
3.  Signed up for One-to-One Workshop on Using a Mac to run your Business (exploring all options)
4.  Participated in Blog Tune Up workshop (learned much!) and perused many new websites with analytical eye. Wrote out my goals and dreams for the blog; am considering moving to WordPress.
5.  Developed design idea for Shop, Shabby FarmHouse (no photo of sketches, darn)

6.  Painted two rooms, scoured barns, house, and three local antique sources for display pieces, scrubbed and/or re- painted them, moved them around the two rooms several times. 7. Visited City Hall to apply for Business License, Sign Permit, Certificate of Occupancy.
8.  Sketched 3 possible Sign designs, no decision yet (no photo of sketch either...must remember to photograph sketchbook)
9.  Fired up the Paula Rover and did a couple of test run.  Beautiful rovings will be subject of a separate post.
10.  Prepared three fibers for a Valentine's Day Yarn: Hand Dyed Cherry Red Cormo fleece, White Cotswold Locks and Chocolate Brown Wenslydale/Lincoln cross Locks.

11. While taking a gazillion photos to create a How To Spin Loose Locks into a CoreWrapped Yarn tutorial. All photos were organized, and edited in iPhoto.
12.  Spun the Valentine's Day Yarn:

13.  Continued knitting on my No Pattern Mitt which is more about intuitively constructing the mitt without depending on a pattern as an exercise to improve my understanding of knitting structure.

I like this type of list better than ToDo Lists.  I will have to make those ToDos as well, just because so much is coming into my life right now and I'm feeling a responsibility to the generosity of the Universe.  But I will view them as a rough guide line for the day or week.

I've given myself some termporal boundaries by signing up to Craft or Bust Challenge, the Blog Tune Up Workshop, The COLORBOMBer's Ravelympics team and the Insubordiknit Art Yarn a Month Challenge also on Ravelry.  Hmm.  I wish I hadn't made that last list...I feel pressure building........or is it excitement ! :-) 


  1. I like the idea of a "done-it" list. I think I tend to do that, as well. My husband always makes a to-do list, and I seem to list the things when they're completed. Guess that is my right-brain at work. The Valentine's yarn looks yummy! I am starting my first knitting class tomorrow - guess I'll see if I like it as much as crochet!

  2. I've started keeping "accomplishment lists" again this year, too, after a several-year hiatus in which I inexplicably forgot I'd ever kept said lists. ;) I do them daily, although I don't worry about necessarily writing them every day, or getting everything on the list. It's just nice to be able to remind myself at the end of the week that yes, I did do things — and here's my proof! ;D

  3. Kristy, thanks for your kind words about my yarn. You are going to love knitting!

    Silver, The DoneIt list is the result of my taking stock to checkin on your Craft or Bust challenge. It has been really affirming. Thanks!

  4. Wow, really? :D That kinda makes me feel warm and fuzzy ... I'm really glad CoB is helping people feel good about their crafting. That's exactly what I was hoping would happen! Yayyyy! Thanks for letting me know!



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