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Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needleworks, the Yarn and Fiber Shop in Historic Downtown Elizabethtown KY, has become the focus of the activities of All One Farms. The Farm, itself is still where the Sheep are raised, Gardens are kept and large dyeing and processing takes place. We continue to live simply, still seek to be self sustaining and remain conscious of our role in the universe. Every day is an adventure and it doesn't always take me where I plan. Come journey with me and share my experiences as I continue evolving my dream. Email me at luna.headhearthands@gmail.com.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Arghhhhh! Divorce Battle

My mind and body are focused on getting through this process. I am having to justify and defend every decision I have made, justify my lifestyle and counteract the vicious accusations being made by my ex. My farm is at stake. I would much rather be sewing or doing other handwork. My seeds are not getting planted. I can see the grass and hills calling me out the window. I am stuck and frustrated at this desk. I know it will pass....just have to plug along.

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  1. aww..here's wishing you sunny days ahead.keep your chin up.



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