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Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needleworks, the Yarn and Fiber Shop in Historic Downtown Elizabethtown KY, has become the focus of the activities of All One Farms. The Farm, itself is still where the Sheep are raised, Gardens are kept and large dyeing and processing takes place. We continue to live simply, still seek to be self sustaining and remain conscious of our role in the universe. Every day is an adventure and it doesn't always take me where I plan. Come journey with me and share my experiences as I continue evolving my dream. Email me at luna.headhearthands@gmail.com.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lighting Up Old Town Elizabethtown Kentucky

I think I must hold the title as the Tiniest Yarn Shop in Kentucky but  it is also the Friendliest and it is fully stocked and ready to serve your Holiday Knitting needs including Lessons, Gifts, Gift Certificates, Kits and of course, the best yarn around at the best prices for all budgets.  Come and visit.


  1. Your store looks beautiful sweet Luna. And even though it may be small - sometimes the best things come in small packages. I wish you well and much continued success. One of these days I'm gonna learn to knit! That yarn is jus' to pretty to pass up! Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  2. Thank you sooo much, Cathy! And the same to you. Your shop is always one of my personal favorites and so inspiring. Sometime we will have an opportunity again to share and trade skills. There are soooo many things that you do that I don't even know where to begin! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. I love the little shop! And it has so much character inside and out. Plus you have done an amazing job with the space.

    Even if you do move on to a larger space sometime...I hope you stay local.



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