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Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needleworks, the Yarn and Fiber Shop in Historic Downtown Elizabethtown KY, has become the focus of the activities of All One Farms. The Farm, itself is still where the Sheep are raised, Gardens are kept and large dyeing and processing takes place. We continue to live simply, still seek to be self sustaining and remain conscious of our role in the universe. Every day is an adventure and it doesn't always take me where I plan. Come journey with me and share my experiences as I continue evolving my dream. Email me at luna.headhearthands@gmail.com.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kaving in Kentucky

One of the most amazing experiences that I've had since coming to Kentucky is learning how to explore caves. This is not something that I had ever given much thought to before. Once here I was introduced to the sport of caving by my neighbor who is a founder of the Ft. Knox Grotto, part of the National Speleological Foundation. The way he described it, it was an opportunity for adventure that I could not resist. I was ready for experience. My life had always pretty much been safe. But once i stepped onto the road less travelled, adventure and opportunity seemed to be everywhere. So I went underground, one cool autumn day last year. I was hooked. There is an entire new world underground. There is beauty that borders on the surreal. There is a gentle peaceful quiet that cannot be matched. Ocassionally there is the sound of sweetly lapping water if you chance upon an underground spring. There is the fresh coolness of the very breath of Mother Earth. There is the chance of discovering a place where human eyes have rarely if ever set upon.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to help The Ft Knox Grotto with the Annual Cave In. Nearly 400 cub scouts, boy scouts and explorers camp out for the weekend on donated lands. Members of the Grotto lead groups into the caves for first hand experience of one of natures most amazing wonders. For all, it is an adventure of a life time and experience that will hopefully create a consciousness of how alive the earth is.

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